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By applying the best configuration and combining it with specially designed pile caps and a fully controlled installation method, it marks a new era in piled embankment structures.

The BeauDrain-S System is an installation technique that was invented by Cofra.

This innovative procedure quickens the consolidation process, and at the same time reduces construction risks, maintenance costs and damage to the environment.

This is possible by combining prefabricated vertical drains, vacuum consolidation and the flexibility of applying additional surcharge.

Rows of prefabricated vertical drains are connected to horizontal drains, thus mobilising the atmospheric pressure as a form of surcharge through the connection of horizontal pipes to pumps.

The isotropic nature of the atmospheric load limits the introduction of shear stresses in the soft compressible strata, while still enforcing drainage.
Advantages of the BeauDrain-S include its:
quick and clean installation technique.
minimal need for a surcharge.
a larger bearing capacity, at the same time
less lateral deformations of the subsoil.
allowance for flexibility
instant and permanent access after
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The IMIQ Group’s proficiency in ground engineering covers the techniques of AuGeo Piling and BeauDrain.  Our project experiences in this spectrum include the high-speed electrified dual track KL-Ipoh railway in Malaysia, among others.

Developed by Cofra, the AuGeo is a piled embankment system that improves the technique by refining the design methods and configurations to give the most economic solution, and at the same time does not put the safety of construction at stake.