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IMIQ with over ninety workers has more than 75% of its staff having worked more than 5 years in the company with 25% of them having been with us since the inception of the company in 1997.

We are one of the few companies of such nature within Singapore, supplying skilled staff within the Soft Soil Consolidation, to Dutch international companies - Boskalis and Van Oord and to the soil treatment industrial leader, the German international company - Keller Foundations (SE Asia) Pte Ltd, operating vibroflot and jet grouting equipment.


Workers are all multi-skilled, with most attaining several types of certified skills. All of them are also safety trained with each having a combination of Safety Supervisory, lifting, rigging or signalling certificates.

Many are also certified in several type of heavy construction equipment, the multi-roles serving them and the company well with continuous projects from our clients.


With the corporate belief that a happy and satisfied worker will increase productivity and be safety conscious, all accommodation are air-conditioned, a first in Singapore, and also being well fed with company employed cooks.

Not only is working productively and safely important, creating a home for them in Singapore is the key to the success of the company. Mass activities like soccer, trips, dinner and games are part of their life in Singapore. We also provide individual counselling to the workers.